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Concrete placement

We start from ground preparation, placing of mesh or rebar,formworkthen concrete placement. 24 hours after placing concrete curing should be carried out for continuously 7 days.


Concrete grinding and polishing

For grinding and polishing of concrete surfaces,we use machines that are equipped with diamond segmented abrasives. These machines help to grind down the concrete surfaces till the desired aggregate is exposed then we polish the floors to achieve a shiny and smooth feel.



Epoxy flooring

We install epoxy flooring which is a hard wearing floor type mainly used in industrial setups but also suitable for residential setups giving you an up market feel.


Polyurethane flooring

For those interested in having polyurethane flooring installed, you have come to the right place. We as a flooring company we have the skills and experienced to do an unmatched job. We will install polyurethane to a high standard.



We also provide tiling services

Concrete pavement and driveways

As part of concrete placement we also do Pavements and drive ways and we can also grind and polish driveway if required


About us

Cape areal group flooring services is a family owned business that specializes in concrete placement, concrete grinding and polishing, concrete driveways and pavements, epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring.


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